Improve your platform easily and earn more monitors your websites and applications. It notifies you automatically about any occuring issues and provides your IT team with the analysis and user recordings so that you can improve quickly. Increase your income and save time now!

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Gain more time, increase your income.

How many users do you lose every month due to bugs you simply are not aware of? Imagine you could deal with this problem without spending any extra time on it. is an innovative tool that records user activity. It helps you improve your business and grow faster.

User recordings, events tracking, heatmaps, funnels – all these tools will help you grow faster.

Record everything

Automatically record everything that is happening in your web application

Stay alert

Get notifications about issues in your system that could cause you losses

User recordings

Improve your software better, cheaper, and faster


What can do for your business?


Why do people love

Developing any type of software — web applications, CMS and CRM systems, online stores and e-commerce supporting tools, internet platforms of financial institutions, insurance companies, hosting companies or banks — always bears the risk of programming and functional errors. We have found a solution for all of them.

  • Yes, user recordings is very important for us to detect bugs!

    Developers & Software houses

    ”We have a lot of testers all over the world, and thanks to we can co-operate as if we were in the same room“

  • Event tracking helps us to improve our web platform

    Web plaforms, CMS & CRM

    “Bug control has never been so easy. Now it’s wich supervises the correct work of our systems. We can follow all event trackings. It’s great!”

  • Heatmaps in are better than others. We can define them dynamically!

     E-commerce & Online stores

    “Now I see what I can improve in my shop. Heatmaps, funnels – all dynamically generated. It’s great!”

  • UX and UI improvements are easier thanks to user recordings!

    UX & UI Designers

    “This is the only tool, which enable us to detect real UX problems. We made a lot of UX and UI improvements thanks to great tools in like user recordings, heatmaps, funnels etc. Thanks!”

  • Remote Issue Killer lets us connect to user's display, operate on it. That's why remote support is easier now!

    Support & Help-desks

    “Remote support has never been easier. The user just say the unique access code and a moment later I can explain them everything on their computer. We can connect to user’s display and operate on it. What’s more, all these is kept on user recording.”

  • Thanks to we can make UX and UI improvements really fast!

    Public & Financial institutions

    “Improving our users’ work quality has always been on the first places. Thanks to it became easier. We use user recordings, heatmaps, funnels, remote issue killer. All that is great!”