Record your users
and solve their problems

with – simple tool that records user behavior, detects errors in your web service
and let you react immediately to bugs that your users face.

Our clients:

We work to make the web better and smarter. is an innovative solution that will eliminate errors in your system and will help you understand your users in an automated way. Our algorithm records user behavior and also detects and indicates errors in your service, automatically.


Register bugs which your users face and understand their activeness


Observe everything that happens on your website or application


Give users ability to report bugs in easy way and resolve problems remotely


What can do for your business?


Why do people love

Developing any type of software – web applications, CMS and CRM systems, online stores and e-commerce supporting tools, internet platforms of financial institutions, insurance companies, hosting companies or banks – always bears the risk of programming and functional errors. We found solution for all of them.

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    Developers & Software houses

    ”We have a lot of testers all over the world and thanks to we can cooperate likes we in the same place“

  • Web plaforms, CMS & CRM

    “Bug control has never been so easy. Now it’s wich supervises the correct work of our systems”

  •  E-commerce & Online stores

    “Now I can detect bugs in my shop, which I wasn’t aware of”

  • UX & UI Designers

    “This is the only tool, which enable us to detect real UX problems”

  • Support & Help-desks

    “Remote support has never been easier. The user just say the unique access code and a moment later I can explain them everything on their computer”

  • Public & Financial institutions

    “Improving our users’ work quality has always been on the first places. Thanks to it became cheaper and easier”

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