rebug.io – how does it work?

1. First, register
and get the code.

You can copy a few lines of code from our dashboard and paste it to your website. It’s in the same way like you do it with Google Analytics. And that’s all! Since now rebug.io records your users’ activities and notifies you about every bug and error.

We’ve got plugins for JIRA, Slack, WordPress, Joomla and many other platforms. It lets you integrate your web application with rebug.io easily.


2. Set up & personalize your widget.

In our dashboard, you can set all details about your widget – color, position, size etc. All changes are visible just in time.

Make it the best for you website! We understand how the communication is important to you.

3. Watch everything what
happens on your site.

When you install our software on your website, all users’ activities are recorded. You can watch it like a movie in our dashboard. We mark for you all important things like the moment when the bug occurred or when users clicked our widget.

We make life easier for you and programmers! Why? Because rebug.io will supervise the system itself and report on all errors encountered. This simple solution will revolutionize your work and improve team performance.

4. Analyze data and repair
issues faster.

Many issues can’t be solved because IT developers don’t know about them. But even if they know then they can’t solve it. It’s because users are not able to describe a problem well.

But thanks to us your IT developers can analyze every issue better and in more details. That’s why they can repair it faster.

5. Be next to your user.

Last but not least our feature is Remote Issue Killer. Thanks to rebug.io you can connect to a user’s display and operate on it. It is like a TeamViewer. But in our case your user doesn’t have to install anything.

It’s like standing next to the user’s display. So you can see what a user does. Even more – you can operate on the user’s display and explain something concurrently.


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